Food ambassadors


This Year's Food Ambassadors are:

Minha Miah

Ra'Eesah Miah

David Joicey

Reg Ellison

Hamza Iqbal

Haleema Mahmood

Hannah Khan

Muizz Hanif

Hashim Iqbal

Monica Grewal

Ella Sherrard

Connie Selfridge


What our Food Ambassadors have previously done:

·        Supported school staff in implementing the school dinnertime rules and the guidelines for hot dinners and packed lunches

·      Helped monitor the noise and mess and made sure that the environment is always calm and friendly

·       They improved choices for hot dinners keeping the dietary requirements of individuals in consideration

·        They chose the design of new plates, suggested having jugs with lids and decided putting more bins in the hall would be useful

·       Made posters and gathered information on the new display boards to advertise and promote healthy eating

·       They also have a rota in which they assist children in the hall, by encouraging healthy meals and plenty of fluids.