Reading, writing & maths

There are lots of ways that you can help your child at home: do make sure, for example, that you read frequently with your child, and support them with the current learning that'€™s taking place in school Below, you can find a description of National Curriculum levels and some practical ideas to help you support your child.

All children work at different levels in different subjects depending on their strengths. They also work at different rates: boys, for example, tend to increase their rate of progress in Key Stage 2.

When we refer to expectations, it's important to remember this. At Kerr Mackie Primary, our teaching is based around the individual child: whilst we consider what the broad national €˜average€™ would be, we also very closely consider personal targets and rates of progress. For example, a very able child is challenged to carry out work in a different way or at a different level. This way, all our pupils are expected to make good progress and achieve their potential.