School council

Our school council consists of the following pupils:

Lucy Bulpitt  Charlie Horne
Torrin Morton  Erin Brockway
Dylan Palmer-Weight  Brooke Allen (Spring term)
Amna Ali  Mateo Scott-Palleiro (Spring term)
Derry Webster  Lily Sherrard (Spring term)
Anna Bacon  Vanessa Braku (Autumn term)
Mahleehah Khan  Oliver Loch (Autumn term)
Hashim Ali  Harry Joicey (Autumn term)
Homaira Begum  Finley Colman (Summer term)
Haider Hussain  Amelie Salter (Summer term)
Harry Sutcliffe  Lola Casarejos-Romero (Summer term)
Hannah Currie
Maddie Greer
Zara Azam
Kyron Bristol-Craig

The school council is involved in many decisions affecting school life including:

  • Selecting new playground equipment
  • Interviewing the Assistant Headteacher candidates
  • Deciding whether to use liquid soap instead of normal soap
  • Ideas on how to feel safe in the playground i.e. the barriers used for football and tables in the quiet area for drawing, reading etc.
  • The provision of music outside at lunchtime
  • Ideas for fundraising events i.e. red nose day
  • Fundraising for wet play equipment

We will continue to keep you informed of the important work of the school council.