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Religious Education and assemblies


RE is concerned with an exploration of the important aspects of life and what it’s like to be human. It provides opportunities for pupils to ask questions, seek answers and develop ideas in a quest to discover more about their own identity and that of others. RE can provide a context for the exploration of moral and ethical opinions and dilemmas by learning about lifestyles and behaviour. It can help our pupils to understand the power and meaning of belief and religion for individuals and communities in the United Kingdom and across the world. Within their learning in RE, pupils develop specific attitudes that are open, reflective, and critical and a skill base which allows them to be curious, play with ideas, empathise, listen, imagine, question, make links and reason. Our Aims & Ethos  (and other related policies) describe the attitudes and approaches we place great emphasis on. RE can play a key role in developing and sustaining this ethos. Similarly, Kerr Mackie Primary School is a happy and healthy place to learn, and RE can actively support this by providing an opportunity to learn about each other and celebrating our beliefs and choices. To learn about our similarities and differences is important to support our ethos. Teaching and learning in Religious Education actively promotes fundamental British Values of individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. How is RE taught? At Kerr Mackie Primary, we want our pupils to learn about religion:


  • to develop a knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and teachings
  • to explain meanings within religious language, story and symbolism

  • to develop a knowledge and understanding of religious practices and lifestyles

  • …and to learn from religion:

  • to reflect on aspects of human nature, identity, personality and experience especially in the light of one’s own beliefs and experiences

  • to identify and respond to questions about the nature, meaning and purpose of life

  • to give informed and considered responses to religious and moral issues

The subject of RE is taught in line with recommendations laid down by the state and the Leeds local authority. At Kerr Mackie, RE is taught as a separate subject. We often teach the subject around a theme, which could be festivals, buildings or special books. Teaching in this way helps children to compare and consider everybody, ultimately leading to greater understanding and respect.  



Other subjects


We provide a range of after school sports activities and some of these are free and others are provided by other professionals. There is a small charge for some courses.


Personal, Social & Health Education

At Kerr Mackie we follow the You, Me PHSE scheme which is recommended by Leeds City Council and Ofsted recognised. Each class has a 30-minutes weekly session which follows the agreed scheme or relates to recent world or school events.  


The You, Me PHSE scheme covers the following elements: 

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing

  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco education

  • Identity, society and equality

  • Keeping safe and managing risk

  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • Sex and Relationship education

  • Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing 

Please note all coverage is age appropriate and deals with all subjects with the upmost respect to all of our school community. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s education within this subject, please contact Mrs Hunt. 


Circle Time

The Circle Time lessons last about half an hour and are designed to allow appropriate discussion of the key issue highlighted in the ethos statement, depending on the age of the children. The teachers make the sessions fun by including games and energising activities but they have a clear purpose in bringing vital issues to the attention of the children.