School council

2017 – 18 

The Year’s School Council members are:


Taliyah Masawi - Oak

Eleanor Hollins - Spruce

Hawwah Aslam - Spruce

Dawud Kayani - Maple

Hena Yousaf - Alder

Sherona Coote - Rowan

Sumaiyah Aslam - Lime

Lola Casarejos - Cedar

Aaminah Ali - Larch

Ibraheem Aslam - Lilac

Ibrahim Kayani - Cherry

Hannan Abdirahman - Holly

The school council is involved in many decisions affecting school life including:

  • Selecting new playground equipment

  • Interviewing the Assistant Headteacher candidates

  • Deciding whether to use liquid soap instead of normal soap

  • Ideas on how to feel safe in the playground i.e. the barriers used for football and tables in the quiet area for drawing, reading etc.

  • The provision of music outside at lunchtime

  • Ideas for fundraising events i.e. red nose day

  • Fundraising for wet play equipment


    We will continue to keep you informed of the important work of the school council.