To help our children deepen their learning within maths we use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to ensure the children fully understand the concepts for the 4 main calculations. This means that the children use a range of practical equipment within class so they can physically see how calculations are performed. Some of the equipment includes; dienes, Numicon, counters, ten frames.  Alongside this the children then use pictures to represent these concepts before they move onto using only numbers (abstract).  See our calculation policy for examples.  


We pay a subscription for all of our children in reception up to year 6 to have a Mathletics account so that they can complete activities and games that support the learning done in class. All tasks that the children complete are viewed by teachers within school so we can see how they are progressing. Please find the link below.


In line with the new times tables tests that will starting in year 4 (June 2020) and our high expectations of knowing maths facts we have the expectation that our children will know all the multiplication and division facts to 12 x12 by the end of year 4. There are many resources out there that can be used to support this but the simplest is going through the times tables both in and out of order at home. This also includes asking them division questions too for example how many fives are there in 25?  

For 7-11 year olds 

For 5-7 year olds 

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