For many children, starting Nursery will be the first time they have been away from their parents on a regular basis and can be overwhelming and tiring. We understand this, and we have a lot of experience in helping the children to settle and enjoy their first experience of school. We firmly believe that a close and supportive relationship with the parents of children in our care is invaluable in helping them to settle in and progress well.

All the children engage in a wide range of learning experiences within the nursery and here are some examples:



Exploring colour mixing skills


 Exploring the different sounds of instruments


 Lots of opportunities to develop early writing skills



Developing confidence on the balancing and climbing equipment


 Developing counting skills


 Sharing stories - developing an interest in books



 Looking for minibeasts in our outdoor area


Reading and writing

We will continue as always to encourage the children to recognise their own names and to know that their names are made up of individual letters in a constant order.

The children will have the opportunity to learn the different sounds in their name and also in other words. They will be encouraged to hear the separate sounds within a word and then blend them together into the whole word.


The children will have lots of opportunities to count collections of objects accurately, matching one number to one object.

They will develop number awareness through the use of practical activities such as games and puzzles. This will also include matching and counting games on the interactive smart-board.


One of our parents recently visited the morning nursery and showed the children how to play the drums.  The children were all able to have a turn.