Our Projects

Each year group has three large projects, with some mini projects to ensure coverage of the national curriculum. When planning the projects, our first thought is always what will interest the children at Kerr Mackie? An example of this is ‘Australia’ as two of our pupils appeared on the programme ‘Wanted Down Under,’ and the family decided to emigrate there. They would now be in Y6 if they had stayed.

Each project will usually be history, geography or science based, enhanced with other areas of the curriculum e.g. art and design technology. We use the key principles of ‘Project Based Learning when planning each project, whether large or small. Project Based Learning has three core principles: Exhibition, Multiple Drafts, and Critique. The table below shows how the elements for each project are put together.


Core subjects

Other subjects

The key skills of communication, reading, writing and mathematics are built in to every project where applicable. Each planned project includes the specific skills for all the other subjects as appropriate.

Each project will have a science, geography or history focus as its main driver

Other subjects are built in to each project where applicable e.g. art and design technology.



Multiple Drafts


Pupils display the work they have created in a project to a public audience. This may be family, friends and total strangers.

Pupils are given time to make multiple drafts of their work showing the extent to which they have improved their work since the first draft.

Pupils critique each other’s drafts, giving them the opportunity to learn from each other’s feedback in a structured, safe context.

 See below for Autumn and Spring Projects:





What makes me special?

What is the dark?

Where could I see a dinosaur?



Would you walk through a swamp?

How can you keep a snowman/ice man in a box?

Year 1

Is Earth the best place to live?

If you were an explorer and opened a door where would you want it to lead to?

Year 2

What makes a home fit for a Paralympian?

What would it be like to live in Victorian Leeds?

Year 3

Does food taste better in the dark?

What was life like before the Roman Invasion?

What is the legacy of the Romans?

Year 4

Water. Life taker of life saver?

Who would you rather rule England, the Anglo-Saxons or the Vikings?

Year 5

What’s worth exploring in space?

What was so tragic about the Greeks?

Year 6

How have inventions changed our world?

How did WW2

change our world?